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Thesycon can provide fast, uncomplicated, expert support, helping you solve your driver problems and identify programming errors.

Fields of Expertise


Thesycon can draw upon comprehensive knowledge of USB technology and years of experience in its application. Our expertise is based on detailed knowledge of USB specification and the bus protocol, as well as our experiences in the conception and realization of hardware, firmware and driver software in a variety of partner- and client-focused projects.

Thesycon owns a USB bus analyzer which we can use in our consulting services if required.

A selection of our successful USB projects is given in the reference projects list.


Thesycon possesses substantial expertise and experience in implementing driver software for PCI and CardBus cards, particularly drivers for high performance PCI bus masters.

On a number of projects, Thesycon has had involvement at the hardware development stage, ensuring optimal interaction between hardware and software from the beginning.

Networks, TCP/IP, NDIS

Thesycon has further expertise in the implementation of difficult networking applications and how to integrate them into operating systems. This includes implementing NDIS miniport, intermediate and protocol drivers, drivers for ATM and ISDN, and TCP/IP-based networking software.

We have extensive experience in using various networking technologies (Ethernet, ATM, ISDN, GSM/GPRS) to realize time-critical and/or broadband data transfer. We have successfully completed a number of customized video- und audio-streaming applications.

A selection of our projects is given in the reference projects list.


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