IEEE1394 Bus Driver for Windows


Thesycon will discontinue any support for IEEE 1394 technology by February 28, 2015. Development of software components related to IEEE 1394 will be ceased. There will be no further updates to the products VHPD1394 and T1394bus. Warranty for existing licenses is not affected.


Customers who are still actively using any of Thesycon’s IEEE 1394 software components and have questions can contact .
For customers who are interested in continuing development of such a software component, Thesycon offers a source code license on request. For details, contact .

IEEE1394 Bus Driver

Microsoft Windows operating systems include a bus driver and various class drivers to support the IEEE1394 high performance serial bus. However, current driver support is limited to controllers and devices that are compliant to the 1394a standard. The features introduced with the 1394b standard cannot be used in Windows based applications and device drivers. Furthermore, there are some known stability issues that cause problems in industrial and professional applications with high reliability demands. Thesycon’s alternative 1394 bus driver provides a solution to these problems. It replaces the Microsoft driver and exposes a compatible programming interface to upper layers. In-box class drivers and existing custom device drivers will continue to work.


VHPD1394 Development Kit

1394 Bus Driver




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