Embedded USB Device Stack Availability Request

Here you can request the availability of Thesycon's Embedded USB Device Stack for your microcontroller.

Step One: Choose a microcontroller

* Please select the manufacturer from the list below.

Please type in the model of microcontroller you are enquiring below.

* Model:

Step Two (Optional): Choose a Device Class

If you wish to use the microcontroller with one or more of Thesycon's device classes, please select them from the list below.

CDC/ACM - serial COM port emulation for the host
Mass Storage - FLASH or CD-ROM drive emulation
CDC/ECM - Ethernet emulation over USB
CDC/NCM - Ethernet emulation over USB (high data throughput)
RNDIS - Ethernet emulation over USB
HID - generic HID function implementation
Audio 1.0 - USB audio device class 1.0
Audio 2.0 - USB audio device class 2.0
MIDI 1.0 - MIDI device class 1.0
CCID - USB device class for smart card readers

Step Three: Input Your Company's Details

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* Website:

Company address of the licensee

* Country:
* E-mail Address:

Step Four: Leave a Comment

If you wish to leave a comment or ask any further questions, please do so below.

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