IEEE1394 Device Driver Toolkit for Windows


Thesycon will discontinue any support for IEEE 1394 technology by February 28, 2015. Development of software components related to IEEE 1394 will be ceased. There will be no further updates to the products VHPD1394 and T1394bus. Warranty for existing licenses is not affected.


Customers who are still actively using any of Thesycon’s IEEE 1394 software components and have questions can contact .
For customers who are interested in continuing development of such a software component, Thesycon offers a source code license on request. For details, contact .

VHPD1394 - The Generic IEEE 1394 Device Driver for Windows

The Windows IEEE 1394 Driver Stack

The IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus (also known as FireWire or i.Link™) is supported by all current Windows operating systems. Windows provides a bus driver and device drivers for various IEEE1394 OHCI compliant host controllers (e.g. from Texas Instruments / TI, VIA, RICOH or NEC). The Windows 1394 driver stack exports a programming interface which is available in kernel mode only. Win32 applications running in user mode are not able to access this interface.

It is for this reason that communication between Windows applications and IEEE 1394 devices requires a kernel-mode driver which has to conform to the Windows Driver Model (WDM).

Kernel-mode WDM Device Drivers

Developing a kernel-mode WDM driver is considerably different to developing Windows applications. It requires specialist knowledge in kernel-mode programming and a deep understanding of operating system internals. The development and debugging process can be very time-consuming, especially if the driver has to support different Windows systems. These driver development efforts can avoided using the generic IEEE 1394 device driver VHPD1394.


The generic high performance IEEE 1394 device driver, VHPD1394, provides Win32 applications with direct access to IEEE 1394 devices. It can be used with any kind of IEEE 1394 device, enabling application developers to control devices without having to develop a kernel-mode WDM driver. The VHPD1394 driver provides an extensive programming interface based on standard Windows API functions. It supports complete IEEE 1394 functionality and is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Programming Interface
The Win32 native VHPD1394 programming interface is ideal for use in programming languages such as C and C. The VHPD1394 toolkit includes a C++ class library, providing an easy-to-use interface. There are numerous source code examples showing how to integrate the VHPD1394 driver into an application.

The VHPD1394 software components can be integrated into a final product. Various product-specific adaptations (e.g. file names, paths, copyright messages) are supported. The result is a fully customized driver package that can be shipped as part of an end product. Customization prevents conflicts with other products that also use the VHPD1394 driver.




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